Full Page / One Page Scroll

Place all your content on one beautiful page, or create a standalone page that occupies the entire screen and scrolls to the next page.

One Page Scrolling Navigation

Build a one page navigation system using Droit Elementor Addons. So when any of the menu items is clicked the page scrolls down to that specific section.

Full Page Scroll With Navigation Controls

Build a full page website where every page loads as a fullscreen page and pages are navigated through either mouse wheel scrolling or by clicking the navigation buttons/bullets.

Overflow Scroll - Navigation Hidden

This works the same as the “full page scroll” where every page loads as a fullscreen page, but without the navigation buttons/bullets (i.e. they are hidden). So navigation through pages only works by mouse wheel scrolling.

Custom Label to Navigation

While building a fullscreen page you can not only set buttons/bullets for navigation, you also can set labels to those navigation buttons/bullets to inform your visitors which button/bullet is for which page.

Next-Prev Control for Navigation

Apart from setting navigation buttons/bullets, you can also add ‘next’ and ‘previous’ controls to a fullscreen page so that your visitor can easily navigate through next and previous pages.